Watch Ronda Rousey, the Rock confront Stephanie McMahon, HHH at WrestleMania

Ronda Rousey, the Rock confront Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

There was an amazing moment during WrestleMania at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday. Stephanie McMahon and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who are the story-line heel authority of WWE, were in the ring to announce the attendance (76,976). While the crowd applauded, Stephanie McMahon said the success of WWE was all due to .... her. She said she owned the ring, the wrestlers, the Divas and the fans.

This brought out the Rock, who got a tremendous ovation as he walked to the ring to confront McMahon. After he laid the verbal smackdown on McMahon and Triple H, McMahon slapped Rock and dared him "to hit a woman." She ordered Rock from the ring, and, not wanting to hit a woman, he left the ring and walked around ringside.

Whom did he spot in the front row? Ronda Rousey, his co-star in "Furious 7." As the crowd went crazy, chanting Rousey's name and "Ronda's gonna kill you", Rock asked Rousey to get into the ring, where she showed McMahon and Triple H why no one messes with Ronda Rousey.

You can watch part of it in the video above.

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