Super Bowl XLIX gets highest overnight TV rating in big game's history

Just about half the TVs in the nation's major media markets were tuned in to Super Bowl XLIX Sunday night. And that's a record.

Nielsen, the TV-ratings company, reported Monday that the overnight rating for the New England Patriots' 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks was an all-time high of 49.7, meaning 49.7% of the homes with televisions in those markets were watching the game.

While Nielsen still has no estimate on the actual number of viewers, that could very well end up being a record too since the overnight rating is four percentage points better than that for last year's Super Bowl.

That game -- a 43-8 victory for the Seahawks over the Denver Broncos -- was the most-watched TV event in U.S. history. It was the fourth time in five years that the Super Bowl set that mark.

This year's showdown was anything but a blowout, with plenty of drama in the final seconds that may have kept most viewers glued to their sets. According to Nielsen, the game received a 72 share, meaning 72% of TVs that were in use Sunday night were tuned to the Super Bowl.

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