Tiger Woods' surgery rehab included anti-inflammatory food

Tiger Woods underwent an aggressive rehab regimen in his effort to return from surgery as quickly as possible

This might not surprise anyone, but there are advantages to being Tiger Woods -- especially when it comes to recuperating from back surgery.

Two days before he returns to competitive play at the Quicken Loans National, the former No. 1 golfer talked about his aggressive rehab over the last few months.

The treatment plan included constant physical therapy and testing to monitor his progress after a microdiscectomy during the spring.

"When you get treatment all the time, it’s amazing what you can do," he told reporters Tuesday.

He said fellow elite athletes from other pro sports gave him exercise tips, and that an "anti-inflammatory" diet kept him eating selected foods to speed recovery. He took cold baths "which are no fun but you've got to do it."

In terms of golf, his Florida home has a putting green in the backyard. Woods said he filled the holes with sand, which allowed him to putt without having to reach down and pluck the ball out. He also has Bermuda grass -- not common to the region -- grown specially for practicing in the rough.

One more thing: As one of the wealthiest athletes on the planet, he doesn't need a desk job.

"Anyone who’s had this procedure knows that probably the worst thing you can do is sit," he said.

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