Will Ferrell responds to John Madden's criticism over baseball stunt

Will Ferrell responds to John Madden comments that comic disrespected baseball by playing in exhibition games

Earlier this month, actor Will Ferrell showed it was possible to play for 10 teams in five different spring training exhibition games while raising an estimated $1 million for a cancer charity.

Former NFL coaching great John Madden wasn't amused with Ferrell's antics, saying Ferrell disrespected the game.

Ferrell responded to Madden's criticism while appearing on "Conan" on Thursday, saying the Pro Football Hall of Famer probably just didn't realize what it was all about.

"First of all, he’s right. Look at me. I’m all about lack of respect," Ferrell said. "I don’t think the interviewer told him it was all for charity, number one, but I do love that in his mind he just thought I was just like, 'Major League Baseball, I want to play in 10 different games for 10 different teams. I want to do it Thursday! Because I’m a big shot, and make it happen now!' Like I’m Veruca Salt. So he’s like, 'This Will Ferrell thinks he can just insert himself into big league games.'"

Still, even if Madden didn't know the full story behind Ferrell's appearances, it seems his reaction was harsh since Ferrell's stunt only interrupted some virtually meaningless spring training games.

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