WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on 'Monday Night Raw'

WWE invites Michael Sam to appear on 'Monday Night Raw'

Michael Sam, who was attempting to become the first openly gay athlete to play in the NFL before he was cut by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday, may have an opportunity to open up about the matter next week.

On its flagship "Monday Night Raw" TV show, the WWE announced that it was inviting Sam to appear on next week's program and that it would will give him time during the live broadcast to say whatever he wants.

It followed up the announcement with a letter to Sam on its website from WWE co-owner and chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon:

"Exhibiting class and dignity rarely shown in professional sports, Michael Sam, WWE invites you to next Monday's Raw to speak of your struggles to succeed, lessons you have learned along the way, the courage it takes to be yourself and the prospects of your continued journey. You are a role model, who, by example, can encourage everyone to stand up and openly be themselves."

No word from Sam on whether he will accept the invitation, but the odds are against it as he still hopes to catch on with an NFL team and officials of many of them may not like him making such an appearance.


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