Thursday's Bruin (sound) bites

Thursday's Bruin (sound) bites
UCLA defensive back Fabian Moreau sprints during a Bruins practice on Aug. 20. (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

We've got a name! Thanks Mike O., a reader who beat out hundreds of other suggestions to give this post its title.

I'm sorry for lying. It wasn't hundreds. It was fewer than 10. Five were obscene and two didn't seem related to UCLA. But we got a name!


Below are quotes that were good enough to be seen but didn't fit into our stories of the day. If you missed the day's other coverage, check out a story on Rick Neuheisel warning against the new college football playoff system and an update on the defensive linemen and redshirts.

Coach Jim Mora

On freshman defensive lineman Matt Dickerson: "When you look at Matt, he's a specimen. He's a stud."

Former UCLA coach and current Pac-12 Network analyst Rick Neuheisel

On his impressions of UCLA at camp: "I think this was a very good-looking football team, especially defensively. When I left here a few years ago, they did not have nearly the depth they do now on the defensive front. Those are great looking kids. They are proven kids."

On UCLA's offense: "At least initially, from an Xs and Os standpoint, [Brett] Hundley has to be a part of the running game. I know that's dangerous when you're talking about a franchise quarterback, but I think he's got to be part of the running game."

Sophomore wide receiver Thomas Duarte

On recovering from a minor injury to his upper left leg: "Getting back in shape is the only thing. We run a tempo offense, and I can only imagine what the defense is going through."

Junior defensive back Fabian Moreau

On the defense: "I feel like we're a closer group than last year, and Coach [Jeff] Ulbrich, he's one hell of a coach and it's fun learning from him and being around him."

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