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Reggie Miller says USC should be 'embarrassed and ashamed' of way it honors women

Reggie Miller looked up at the rafters in Galen Center and saw something he didn't like. His sister Cheryl Miller's retired number.

Well, that wasn't specifically what bothered him, but rather the way it was presented, sharing a banner honoring other Trojans women basketball players Pam and Paula McGee, Lisa Leslie and Cynthia Cooper-Dyke while Gus Williams' recently retired No. 10 hung on its own from the ceiling.

Exhibit A:

"you guys should be EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED, while shooting a #AT&T commercial at the Galen Center, I'm shocked and dismayed this is the best retired jersey you could do for Cheryl Miller and Gang," Miller posted on Instagram with a photograph. "No disrespect (a little) to Gus Williams, but he gets a full banner and you clump all the Women Greats and The Greatest in Cheryl Dean on ONE banner?? That never would have happened at #UCLA, Cheryl DESERVES her own WING at the Galen Center.. But then again that's why you will always be our 'Little Bro/Sis'.. #8Clap #BruinsForLife."

What the former Bruin didn't include in his photograph is the shared banners from other USC sports, including men's basketball.

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That prompted the school to correct the NBA Hall of Famer, but it wasn't enough to stop his chirping.

May the USC-UCLA rivalry never die.

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