USC receiver Nelson Agholor swaps jerseys with offensive lineman

USC receiver Nelson Agholor and offensive lineman Khaliel Rodgers swapped jerseys for the final practice

USC players kept to tradition during their final on-campus practice Tuesday, swapping jerseys with teammates.

Junior receiver Nelson Agholor wore offensive lineman Khaliel Rodgers’ No. 62 – a jersey at least two sizes too large.

“It’s very big – he’s a big guy,” said the 190-pound Agholor, smiling. “I don’t fill it out.”

As large as Rodgers’ jersey looked on Agholor, the receiver’s No. 15 jersey looked equally snug on the 315-pound Rodgers.

“It’s kind of goofy but it’s fun,” Agholor said.

USC plays Nebraska on Saturday in the Holiday Bowl.

Agholor said the game could be a “springboard” to next season, though he did not say whether he would return for a final season of eligibility or declare for the NFL draft.

“I thought a little about it,” he said. “But I think the No. 1 thing is I need to focus on performing well this Saturday.”

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