Top 10 recipes of 2008 (plus five runners-up):

  • Recipe: Naked ribs

    Recipe: Naked ribs

    Naked ribs

  • Recipe: Maple bacon biscuits

    Recipe: Maple bacon biscuits

    Breakfast is making a comeback in Southern California restaurants -- even in places you might not expect it. Such as at hip Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, where pastry chef Zoe Nathan makes these amazing biscuits. Made with a full pound of bacon and 1/2 pound of butter, Times restaurant critic...

  • Recipe: Walnut and raisin pie

    Recipe: Walnut and raisin pie

    Old-fashioned custard pies seem to have gone the way of Sunday suppers and country roads, but if you want to learn what you're missing, it only takes only a piece of this fabulous walnut-raisin pie from Patty Pinner's cookbook "Sweety Pies: An Uncommon Collection of Womanish Observations, With...

  • Recipe: Halibut and shimeji baked in parchment

    Recipe: Halibut and shimeji baked in parchment

    Some exotic mushrooms may be becoming commonplace. A San Diego company is opening a plant this spring that will more than triple the total U.S. output of king trumpet, shimeji and maitake mushrooms within just a couple of years. Just as portobellos came out of nowhere to become supermarket staples...

  • Recipe: Basque-style chicken

    Recipe: Basque-style chicken


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