Curl up with your pet — and a good book: 12 great new pet reads

For every cat lover there is a cat book lover; for every good doggo, a good dog story. Right now, there are pages and pages devoted to puppies and kitties and other critters too. Take a look for beautiful books, silly interludes and animal stories that will break your heart.

“The Animals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Human” by John Bradshaw (Basic Books, $28). For more than two decades, Bradshaw, a scientist, has been studying the human-animal bond. The book, which will be released in October, is his effort as a scientist and animal lover to answer the question, “Why keep pets?”

“Chancer: How One Good Boy Saved Another” by Donnie Kanter Winokur (Grand Harbor Press, $10.99 paper). This is a memoir of adoption — of two children and one dog. After Winokur and her husband learned that one of their children would face severe ongoing challenges, it put a tremendous strain on their family. Their service dog, a golden retriever named Chancer, arrived just in time to restore hope.

“The Dogist: Puppies” by Elias Weiss Friedman (Artisan, $24.95). Friedman travels the world photographing dogs as the Dogist, with 2.5 million Instagram followers. This book, which hits shelves in September, includes 800 puppies in its 300 pages of cuteness.

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“Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home” by Nicole J. Georges (Mariner Books, $17.95 paper). Georges, an artist, adopted a half-dachshund, half-Shar-Pei when she was still in high school. This graphic memoir tells the tale of her dogged devotion through punk-rock youth and into adulthood.

“Happy Little Goats” by Soraya Hirth (Chronicle Books, $12.95). Adorable goat pictures and funny captions from Hirth’s farm in Australia, photos that haven’t been seen on her popular Instagram account, @itsagoatlife.

“Hero: Hurricane Rescue” by Jennifer Li Shotz (Alloy Entertainment, $17.99). The follow-up to her YA novel “Hero” sees the retired black Lab rescue dog back in action — with his human, Ben — when a hurricane leaves dogs and their people in danger. For ages 8-12.

“Inside Animal Hearts and Minds” by Belinda Recio (Skyhorse Publishing, $24.99). Photographs and amazing anecdotes — like the group of female humpback whales that meets up once a year to eat, sing and swim together — that show the emotional and intellectual side of animals.

“Laugh Out Loud: More Kitten Around” (Little Simon, $6.99 paper) Silly animal memes — with cats, dogs and a couple of monkeys — jump off the Internet and into the pages of this book for the age 5-7 set.

“Men & Dogs” by Marie-Eva Chopin and Alice Chaygneaud (TarcherPerigee, $15). From the creators of the popular French blog and book “Men & Cats” comes this follow-up, which pairs photos of strikingly handsome dogs with men in the same poses: toweling off, staring soulfully and lolling in the grass.

“Philomena’s New Glasses” by Brenna Maloney (Viking, $16.99). In this photo picture book for kids ages 2 and up, Philomena the guinea pig and her sisters shop for glasses, purses and just the right dress.

“The Right Side” by Spencer Quinn (Atria, $26). Known for the Chet and Bernie (dog and private detective) mystery series, Quinn takes a new turn in this novel of a wounded female veteran of the war in Afghanistan who, returning home, takes on the task of finding a missing girl, accompanied by a lost, damaged dog.

“William Wegman: Being Human” by William Wegman and William A. Ewing (Chronicle Books, $24.95 paper). Coming in October, this book has more than 300 photographs, some never before seen, by the legendary photographer who looked at his Weimaraner dogs and saw amazingly expressive, artistic creatures.

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