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U.S. car sales soar as VW's plunge

U.S. car sales soar as VW's plunge

Volkswagen's U.S. sales dropped sharply in November while many other automakers saw strong gains.

The 25% drop came largely because of suspended sales of diesel vehicles, which are ensnared in the global scandal over VW's use of software to cheat on government emissions tests.

The losses look even bigger against the backdrop of a booming industry, which is projected to set a sales record this year.

Fiat-Chrysler sales were up 3% for the month, with its Jeep brand leading the leap, while GM sales rose 1.5% and Ford sales were flat, though F-Series truck sales rose 10%.

Nissan was up 3.8%, while Toyota climbed 3.4%. Honda sales fell 5.2%.

VW sold 23,882 cars in...