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Silver Lake 'Knuckleheads' begin cross-country Cannonball Run

Silver Lake 'Knuckleheads' begin cross-country Cannonball Run

Sometime early Friday three Silver Lake residents will begin a 4,500-mile cross-country motorcycle ride, beginning in Daytona, Fla., and ending in Tacoma, Wash., in two weeks.

On vintage Harley-Davidson choppers. Built in 1936. On two-lane back roads. With no rear suspension. And no front brakes. And "suicide" clutches.

The three men -- Sean Duggan and Craig Jackman, both 45, and Bill Buckingham, 47 -- are taking part in the third Cannonball Run, a coast-to-coast motorcycle tour limited exclusively to riders operating bikes built before 1937.

Although the bikes can be modernized somewhat, with more contemporary electrical or braking systems, they must be...

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