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Chile Earthquake (2010)
Review: 'Aftershock's' post-quake mayhem is a shock
Review: 'Aftershock's' post-quake mayhem is a shock

The disaster formula of Irwin Allen days used to be: Introduce everyone, uncork the cataclysm, grieve, then watch humanity shine with the stirring rescue effort. But in tackling the genre with the straightforward hellscape "Aftershock," horror impresario Eli Roth ("Hostel") and director Nicolas Lopez bag the triumph-of-the-spirit stuff and look to feed off the agony. In "Aftershock," a sextet of Chilean coast rave-goers are caught in the society-dissembling effects of an earthquake, but they aren't dealing with only naturally caused injury: The local prison has been demolished too, and evil convicts are roaming the streets. If 30 endless minutes of...