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Chile Earthquake (2010)
Gigantic earthquakes trigger volcanic eruptions ... or not
Gigantic earthquakes trigger volcanic eruptions ... or not

A massive earthquake rattles a town, triggering fiery eruptions in nearby volcanoes.  It sounds like the plot of a disaster movie, but it has actually happened: Journeying in Chile when an 8.5 magnitude temblor struck in 1835, Charles Darwin reported that at least three volcanoes there erupted in the aftermath of the quake. Eruptions also followed earthquakes in Chile in 1906 and 1960, and in Hawaii in 1975. So when two really, really big quakes occurred in the last three years -- the 8.8 Maule quake in Chile in 2010, and the 9.0 Tohoku quake in Japan, in 2011 --  scientists who study the interactions between quakes and eruptions thought they might get some new volcanic...