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Review: 'Cronkite' by Douglas Brinkley is occasionally critical

Review: 'Cronkite' by Douglas Brinkley is occasionally critical


Douglas Brinkley
Harper: 820 pp., $34.99

Walter Cronkite was not inclined to introspection, and historian Douglas Brinkley emulates his subject in this thorough biography of the news broadcaster who in 1972 was declared "The Most Trusted Man in America."

Brinkley's lengthy narrative spends as much time on Cronkite's stints as a paperboy as on his father's alcoholism and his parents' divorce. The author seems more interested in the ins and outs of Cronkite's strained professional relationship with Dan Rather than in his 65-year marriage — though smart, sardonic Betsy Cronkite gets her due as the woman who could...