Letters to the Editor: Clarence Thomas starts using the ‘fake news’ defense

Clarence Thomas in his Supreme Court robe on Oct. 7, 2022.
Justice Clarence Thomas poses for a portrait with his fellow Supreme Court justices on Oct. 7, 2022.
(J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

To the editor: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had for years accepted luxury gifts from billionaire conservative donor Harlan Crow (one of his “dearest friends” he didn’t know until he was appointed to the court) and failed to report same. (“Justice Clarence Thomas decries critics, calls Washington a ‘hideous place,’” May 11)

His wife, Ginni Thomas, aggressively fought to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election by claiming it was stolen, and she continues to do so.

These are not “lies.” They are facts.

Thomas calling them lies is no different than crying “fake news,” and it tells us everything we need to know about this ethically corrupt and intellectually mendacious man.


J.B. White, Ojai


To the editor: I was so sad to read how unhappy Thomas is in Washington. Having one’s honor and reputation attacked is indeed a terrible thing; just ask Joe and Hunter Biden.

I was surprised to read that Thomas likes to be with “regular people.” Who knew? If regular people are his jam, why would he vote against protecting their voting rights and their ability to decide about their own bodies?

I do have some advice for him though. If he wants help repairing his reputation in Washington and elsewhere, perhaps he could recuse himself from the case regarding presidential immunity. After all, Ginni Thomas has for years claimed that the last presidential election was corrupt. That may be a conflict of interest.

My other piece of advice is to take Harry Truman’s suggestion and get a dog if he wants a friend in Washington.

Linda Cooper, Studio City