'Flood fighting is in our DNA': To live by the Feather River is to know its power and danger

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Holidays leave homes vulnerable to burglaries, fires

Holidays leave homes vulnerable to burglaries, fires

It's the season for joy and feasting … and for burglaries, house fires and other property problems caused by careless homeowners, according to a new study.

The mass exodus of Americans from their homes as they travel to visit relatives leaves their properties vulnerable to the kind of high jinks common in the “Home Alone” movies. The difference? Adorable preteen Macaulay Culkin isn’t around to keep the bad guys at bay.

Nearly 60% of the roughly 2,000 adults surveyed by Harris Interactive don’t follow common safety precautions, according to a report commissioned by Nextdoor, a social network for neighborhoods.

Many leave at least one door or window unlocked, or...