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Ben Affleck

Hostage drama '6 Days' proves duller than real-life

Hostage drama '6 Days' proves duller than real-life

As Ben Affleck’s “Argo” effectively demonstrated, movies based on real-life events such as the 444-day Iran hostage crisis can be every bit as tensely unpredictable and thoroughly entertaining as their entirely fictional counterparts.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for the considerably less compelling “6 Days,” a stiffly executed re-creation of the events surrounding the 1980 hostage-taking attack on London’s Iranian Embassy that packs all the high-stakes intrigue of a filed police report.

On March 30 of that year, as the siege of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was closing in on its sixth month, a half-dozen heavily armed Iranian Arab gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in...

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