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Review: 'The M Word' gives menopause a bad name
Review: 'The M Word' gives menopause a bad name

If, lo these many years after "Eating" and "Babyfever," you've longed for writer-director Henry Jaglom's patronizingly female-sensitive, talk-to-the-camera take on the subject of menopause, there now exists "The M Word." For all others, the "M" will stand for meandering, mirthless and meh. The mostly repetitive and grim group therapy-style confessionals on the aging process, framed as part of a documentary being made by a highly strung, love-crazed actress (Jaglom regular and acquired taste Tanna Frederick), are awkwardly jammed into the story of a financially struggling Los Angeles TV station. In a childishly plotted attempt at thematic...