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First Ride: EBR 1190RX
First Ride: EBR 1190RX

Maverick motorcycle designer Erik Buell, after a difficult exit from the Harley-Davidson marriage that produced the much-admired Buell line of sport bikes, has bounced back with a string of wins at world raceways and a new line of street racers. The EBR 1190RX, the first of his new moderately priced machines made for the street, is a total winner. A marvel of sophisticated engineering and track-tested technology, the 1190RX is being compared favorably to Ducati's flagship street bike, the Panigale R. Make no mistake, this is a race motorcycle. It comes fitted with pro-grade Showa suspension, Pirelli Diablo Corsa tires, Buell's patented perimeter rotor front disc brakes...