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'Outcast' goes medieval with Nicolas Cage as one-eyed outlaw

'Outcast' goes medieval with Nicolas Cage as one-eyed outlaw

Veteran stunt coordinator and frequent second unit director Nicholas Powell makes his feature helming debut with "Outcast," a visually arresting, smartly paced, well-edited but otherwise unremarkable medieval-era action picture.

Based on a screenplay by James Dormer, who reportedly wrote the script about 15 years ago, the film may be best remembered for costar Nicolas Cage's warrior coif, perhaps his most unflattering movie hairdo yet — and that's saying a lot. (Add demon makeup, and Cage could pinch-hit for Gene Simmons at a KISS concert.)

Set during the Crusades, the film begins in the Middle East, where British knight Jacob (Hayden Christensen, with his...