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Ricky Jay

TV Picks: Ricky Jay, Tom Edison, 'Justified,' 'Masterchef Junior'

TV Picks: Ricky Jay, Tom Edison, 'Justified,' 'Masterchef Junior'

"American Masters: Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay" (PBS, Friday); "American Experience: Edison" (PBS, Tuesday). Two films about magicians, transformation and the impossible made real.

Ricky Jay is the first magician to be given the "American Masters" treatment, a press release would like you to know. But as the show's full title suggests, Jay remains mysterious in the piece and (prestidigitator that he is) largely directs your attention elsewhere, to the magicians who made him: Slydini, Cardini, Francis Carlyle, Al Flosso (the Coney Island Fakir), Dai Vernon, Charles Miller and, most significant perhaps,...

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