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An Italian burrito? Yep, there's pasta in there
An Italian burrito? Yep, there's pasta in there

First there was the cronut craze. Then the ramen burger had Los Angeles in a hybrid food-fueled frenzy. And now there's something called an Italian burrito. And it's from a place called -- what else? -- Burrissimo. The new fast casual Italian restaurant is opening a location in Brea on Tuesday and the star on the menu is something called the Italian burrito. At first glance it looks like a regular burrito. You can spot the chicken, vegetables, and... wait a second. That's not rice. It's angel hair pasta. PHOTOS: Food mash-ups: 10 crazy hybrids The burritos are made using an assembly line similar to Chipotle's. They are made with pasta, grilled chicken, steak,...