Letters: Loathed hotel fees, exploring cemeteries, parsing Vegas

I just read the article "Nasty Surprise on Hotel Bills" by Josh Noel [More for Your Money, June 21]. I couldn't help but think about an experience I just had at an on-site spa in a hotel where I was staying. Two of their policies are so irritating that after visiting this site for the last 20 years I won't be doing so again.

The first: If you need to cancel an appointment inside of 24 hours before the appointment, you pay for the full service anyway. Second, you have no say in the gratuity amount. It's a mandatory 20% added to the bill regardless of the level of service received. I would prefer to determine the tip amount without being told.


Overall, a very poor experience at what is touted as a luxury hotel chain.

Suzanne Ramos


Interesting cemeteries

An impressive number of letters have been printed in the Travel section about cemeteries. You've thoughtfully revealed something poignant that resonates within us all, with one bizarre exception: pet cemeteries. There's one in nearly every large city now, including in Gardena. Pet Haven contains a mini-tombstone of someone's pet goldfish amid countless other interesting animal final-resting sites. During Christmas a surprising number of graves are elaborately decorated.

Truly a must-see in its quirky uniqueness.

Kyle Kimbrell

Playa del Rey


While in South Florida this January, we visited the Key West Cemetery and found one of its most famous epitaphs engraved on a tombstone. It was scripted on B.P. "Pearl" Roberts (1929-1979): "I told you I was sick."

Goes to show that there is humor even in death.

Rodney Kamitsuka

Teri Robb



The lure of Vegas

The letter writer ["Vegas Animals," June 14] who bashed the article "Stroller-friendly Vegas" [May 31] needs to realize what Vegas is all about.

Vegas is not a meeting place for Sunday worshipers, nor is it an extension of higher learning (except if you are learning how to count cards).

Vegas is everything one can think of that is slightly mischievous, on the verge of being immoral and tons of fun. The letter writer mentions dolphins and sharks in Vegas. Anything in Vegas that is contrary to typical behavior is there to attract people to visit and part with their money.

The original article provided some activities and places where people with kids can go to and be entertained and have fun sans the gambling scene.

If the kids' activities listed in the article are not sufficient per the parent's agenda, the letter writer's advice to stay home should be followed. No one is twisting arms to force attendance in Sin City.

Bill Spitalnick

Newport Beach