Come August, director Stan Dragoti ("Love at First Bite," "Mr. Mom") begins filming Cannon's "Crack," a police thriller about undercover cops infiltrating a cocaine ring. The irony is obvious: Dragoti, you may recall, was arrested for possession of 22 grams of the white powder in 1979 at the Frankfurt airport, then spent two months in jail before receiving a 21-month suspended sentence.

"I understand that the subject of this picture prompts questions about that unfortunate incident and people must understand that I choose not to answer them," Dragoti told us. "I don't need to be reminded. I've had enough attention on that issue to last five lifetimes."

The new film is an action-adventure with "more verisimilitude than 'Lethal Weapon,' " he promised. The $5-million production, written by Arnold Schulman, stars John Travolta and Rebecca De Mornay as the nosy coppers.

Dragoti said he now deals with his conviction philosophically: "If this city could forgive Ingrid Bergman, it can surely forgive me."

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