Mims Fails to Fund Senior Bowl Game


The Chris Mims Senior Bowl, scheduled for Saturday at Compton College, was canceled because Mims did not fulfill his financial obligation to the all-star football game, organizer Jerry Weiner said.

Weiner said he has made several attempts to contact Mims but has not heard from the former Dorsey High and current San Diego Charger lineman. Mims was in the third year of a four-year contract to sponsor the game.

“At no time did he advise me that he was not going to fund his share of the game as he has done since 1992,” Weiner said. “It’s a sad disappointment for the 90 players and approximately 60 cheerleaders who were going to be involved.


“Many of them have been terribly shocked and frustrated because they could not have the game.”

Mims was unavailable for comment.

Fremont Coach Taja Rodisha and his staff were to coach the East team, which included seven Fremont players: quarterback William Yates, linebacker Carl Bledman, receiver Andre Johnson, guards Victor Montalvo and Francisco Fausto, center Jose Estrada, defensive tackle George Jacobs and kicker Javier Acosta.

Other East players included quarterback Akili Roberson (Locke), defensive end Tavio Daniels (Locke), tight end Andre Griffin (Manual Arts) and defensive back John Johnson (Jefferson).

Fairfax coach Terrel Ray and his staff had organized and run practices for the West team last week. Among West players scheduled to compete were running backs Che Johnson and Chris Phillips (Dorsey), quarterback Jovon Jiles (Crenshaw) and lineman Norman Ysaguirre (Dorsey).

“This game is very important to the community because several players have received scholarships,” Ray said. “I don’t blame Mims because he has flipped for the bill for the last two games. Things happen in people’s lives, and you can’t always do the things you would like to do.”