The no-fun league

I had such high hopes for a great football season, and those hopes are now completely dashed.

1. The NFL reinstates that animal-abusing thug and then the Eagles take him.

2. My Raiders, who looked good in their first game and gave me hope, have a total jaw-breaking head case as coach.

3. The final blow . . . the Vikings open their doors to that over-the-hill, narcissistic drama queen.

Three strikes and you're out. The NHL is looking real good this year.

Richard M. Meyers

Granada Hills

Lost in the uproar surrounding the Eagles' signing of felon quarterback Michael Vick is the real flaw in this ill-fated decision. Vick's admitted abhorrent and unimaginable cruelty to innocent animals ignores his prior misdeeds, including a marijuana bust at an airport and his one-finger salute to NFL fans. The totality of Vick's conduct speaks to a lack of good judgment, the one trait all great quarterbacks possess. Alas, judgment, like character, is something you are born with and cannot be taught by a mentor. One must also question the judgment of Eagles management, who have placed winning over integrity.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles


Brett Favre, once the greatest of quarterbacks, has two things going against him -- age and speed -- too much of the former, and too little of the latter. Somewhere down the road, some supercharged young rhino will go into the history books for mercifully dropping the curtain on this final act.

We've seen this tragedy many times before, and we're about to see it again.

Dan Jensen

San Clemente


So Donte' Stallworth goes to jail for less than a month for actually killing somebody, and Plaxico Burress gets two years for his shooting incident. The difference? Stallworth ran over a nobody, but Burress shot a famous football player.

Mason Malugeon

Huntington Beach


I've checked my sources. There appears to be no truth to the rumor that the Vikings signed Brett Favre because Roman Gabriel wasn't available.

Ron Yukelson

San Luis Obispo

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