Blue heat

We can all thank Mr. McCourt and Mr. Colletti for not doing anything other than picking up another reliever at the trade deadline for the pennant race. As we all can see, the Dodgers' starting pitching is still inconsistent, which was their biggest need and they did nothing to address it. So I guess if Dodgers fans are happy to be in a race and possibly make the playoffs with the realization the playoffs will be a short trip, good for them. Anything short of a World Series is a failure in my opinion. Too bad the Dodgers' brass doesn't feel the same way.

Steve Owen

San Diego


I know Joe Torre has the baseball chops with a strong resume to go along with it, but two strategies he's employing are driving me crazy. He'll sacrifice, and thereby give up an out, no matter the circumstance. With Juan Pierre on first with none out late in the game Monday night against St. Louis, he has Russell Martin bunt. With Pierre's speed, why not have him try to get a jump and steal instead of giving away a very precious out?

And what is his love affair with Casey Blake? Blake is a nice hitter, but hitting him in the four or five spot ahead of Matt Kemp? Common sense, Joe. Common sense!

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


As the Dodgers continue to slide into severe danger of shamefully missing the playoffs, why is no one talking about the incompetence of Joe Torre? He refuses to bunt runners into scoring position. He keeps waiting for a three-run homer that never materializes. Joe, these are not the 1998 Yankees. Good managers manufacture runs!

Jeff Wheeler


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