Cannabis advertising takes to the skies


Voters in 26 states and the District of Columbia have adopted laws that legalize the use of marijuana in some form.

But so far Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air appears to be the first and only U.S.-based air carrier to accept advertising from a cannabis dispensary.

Allegiant Air’s in-flight magazine, Sunseeker, began this month to run an ad for Acres Cannabis, a marijuana dispensary and open-view kitchen where THC-infused candies and cookies are made and sold in a shop located a few blocks off of the Las Vegas strip.


Kevin Forde, a spokesman for the dispensary, said the ad reminds travelers flying to Las Vegas that the sale and use of recreational marijuana are legal in Nevada.

“It makes sense,” he said.

Pot went on sale to adults 21 years and older in Nevada on July 1, after voters approved the use of recreational cannabis in November 2016.

Forde said the dispensary is considering buying ads in other airline magazines in the future. Industry experts say they have heard of no other airline that has accepted advertising from a cannabis business.

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