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Former baseball player Jimmy Rollins has sold his home in Encino to Grammy-winning songwriter-producer Philip Lawrence for $10.55 million.
The Times found a rising number of death investigations across the country were complicated or upended after transplantable body parts were taken before a coroner’s autopsy.
Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis has sold her coastal contemporary home in Pacific Palisades for her full asking price of $7 million.
Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver has sold his mansion in Paradise Valley, Ariz., for $19.25 million, setting the record for the priciest home sale in Arizona history.
Casey Wasserman, president of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, has slashed the price of his Beverly Hills mansion to $82.5 million.
Take a look at what roughly $300,000 buys right now in the mountain communities of Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs in San Bernardino County.
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A federal lawsuit filed by CAA, UTA and WME accusing the Writers Guild of violating antitrust laws can move ahead, judge says in tentative ruling.
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