Anna Chlumsky talks ‘Veep,’ gives a shout-out to Roberta Flack

Being nominated for an Emmy for her supporting turn on “Veep” was the second-best thing to happen to Anna Chlumsky last month. The actress, who broke into the business with the 1991 coming-of-age movie “My Girl,” gave birth to a girl of her own a week before nominations were announced.

The recognition for her sharp turn as Amy, the careerist chief of staff for Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ vice president, is further confirmation that Chlumsky made the right choice by returning to acting after a hiatus of a few years.

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In this video chat, Chlumsky (it’s actually easy to pronounce ... the “H” is silent) recalls the various “signs” that made her decide to circle back to acting (lesson: always listen to Roberta Flack), Beltway reaction to “Veep” and her career-consumed character and the artful way the show’s writers craft the innumerable insults and profane put-downs heard on each episode.

Chlumsky’s sunny and engaging and remarkably alert for someone with a 6-week-old child in tow. Have a listen, won’t you?


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