Sit front row on Disneyland’s new ‘Star Wars’ ride Hyperspace Mountain

Disneyland’s Space Mountain has been converted to Hyperspace Mountain for “Star Wars” Season of the Force.

Space Mountain has been given a fresh coat of the force. The classic Disneyland ride has been given a “Star Wars-centric” makeover. And we stuck a camera right in the front seat. Take a look at the newly named Hyperspace Mountain.

Thursday night Disney held an early preview of the “Season of the Force,” a holiday takeover for Tomorrowland. So we decided to strap a camera onto Player columnist Todd Martens, who was sitting in the front-row seat of the brand new Hyperspace Mountain ride.

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The new mission for Space Mountain is centered around a reconnaissance trip to the planet of Jakku (home to new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” character Rey). The riders are ordered by classic “Star Wars” character Admiral Ackbar, whose voice you can hear in the back of the coaster car, to explore the presence of an Imperial Star Destroyer outside of planet Jakku. Other new additions include a hyperspace jump straight out of the original films. However, even the jump has a bit of a new twist and the former warping stars turn into some sort of cloud that surround guests right before blastoff.


Get an eyeful of the new ride now, before it’s open to the public on Monday. And apologies about the yelping and screaming; it’s a totally dark roller coaster after all.


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