Review: ‘Delaware Shore’ gives ‘The Room’ some competition for worst movie honors


Move over “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and “The Room,” there’s a new worst-movie-ever in town: “Delaware Shore.” This astonishingly bad film, adapted by writer-director Raghav Peri from a novel by Michaelangelo Rodriguez, mishmashes such big topics as genocide, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, child abuse, alcoholism and mental illness into a painful, inadvertently laughable stew.

Set and shot in Delaware’s scenic Slaughter Beach (could there be a more heavy-handedly named locale for a story inspired by mass murder?), the film follows the trials of Agnes (an awful Gail Wagner), a Holocaust survivor stuck raising her twin grandchildren, Tasha and Gallagher, after her unseen daughter inexplicably leaves the babies on Agnes’ doorstep.

Jump to, apparently, the present: The kids are now teenagers (Emily McKinley Hill; James Robinson Jr.) and, maybe because of her own traumatic past (there are cringe-inducing flashbacks), Agnes has become “grand-mommy dearest.” The vile, paranoid, tippling old bat treats these very decent young folks like dirt, lashing out and hurling invectives at every turn.


But when Agnes discovers that Gallagher is gay and Tasha is pregnant (after being raped by her “hoodlum” boyfriend; don’t ask), grandma throws them both out of the house and then — thankfully — mostly disappears until the unearned finale.

Sub-amateur acting, dialogue, storytelling and tech aspects; curious aging and timeline discrepancies, and an embarrassingly dated take on being gay, are among the many nails in this turkey’s coffin.


‘Delaware Shore’

No rating

Running time: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Playing: Arena Cinelounge Sunset, Hollywood

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