MTV Movie Awards 2014: Live coverage of the red carpet arrivals

As the start of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards approached Sunday evening, hundreds of fans gathered behind the roped-off red carpet at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, awaiting the arriving stars and screaming for the cameras.

Meanwhile, MTV “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey prepared for the official pre-show with co-host singer Zendaya by playing in a pen of puppies dressed like characters from 2013 movies.


The star of the litter was a doggelganger for Alien, James Franco’s character in “Spring Breakers,” sporting dreadlocks and shades. 

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Check back with more scenes and interviews from the red carpet and winners at the MTV Movie Awards.

4:35 p.m.: Now that Liam James, nominated for best breakthrough performance in “The Way Way Back,” has broken out with this role and a gig on “The Killing,” what’s next?

“I’m graduating high school,” he said.

James added he was excited for his first awards show.  “It’s so crazy to be here -- I didn’t know what to expect and I still don’t know what to expect. There are pigs and people with dyed hair ... I’m just taking it all in.”


5:05 p.m.: Singer Ellie Goulding, who will be performing tonight in a lineup that includes Zedd, Rihanna and Eminem, said of her upcoming stage time compared to other performances: “I can’t decide whether it will be better or less nerve-racking performing tonight,” she said.

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5:36 p.m.: Will Poulter, who plays the square teenager in “We’re the Millers,” has the rare trifecta at the awards: he’s nominated for best breakthrough performance, best kiss (for a scene in which Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts take turns showing him how to kiss) and best musical number.

On his kiss nom, he said. “I was like ‘Oh, no way it’s surely not me, maybe Jen and Emma.’ I don’t know the number of takes it took,” he added. “it was a nervous, awkward blur.”


He also has an unexpected musical solo with a spirited rendition of TLC’s “Waterfalls” in one of the film’s comic set pieces.

He said the idea was conceived by costar Jason Sudeikis. “All I did was be dorky,” he said.

5:48 p.m.: Ansel Elgort, who is currently in “Divergent” with Shailene Woodley, will present a clip for another upcoming film he costars in with Woodley: “The Fault in Our Stars.”

“Fans have already seen the trailer and I think they will be excited to see a scene for the first time. It’s a good movie -- we put a lot of heart and soul into it.”

5:51 p.m.: Actor Dave Franco, who will be presenting the best kiss award with his “Neighbors” costars Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, said of the show tonight: “I assume there’s going to be some kind of man-on-man love. Who knows, maybe some tongue.”


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