Stephen Colbert unleashes ‘Laser Klan’ on the world

February is widely known as Black History Month, and Stephen Colbert chose to celebrate it in the strangest way possible on Thursday’s show: with an animated short for a proposed TV show known as “Laser Klan.”

Yes, that spelling is not a mistake. This animated short is about the Ku Klux Klan and uses the real-life news that Klan members were attempting to sell a “workable death ray” to Jewish groups in order to kill Muslims. Last month, another real-life KKK sympathizer was arrested for building a portable X-ray machine he was attempting to sell use with Jewish groups, again to kill Muslims.

Amazed that the KKK’s hatred of Muslims was great enough that they were able to overcome their historical hatred of Jews, Colbert was inspired to make the short film. And he aired it, too, despite the misgivings of parent company Viacom’s legal department.

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As Colbert read aloud from the legal team’s email, “We’re a little concerned with this especially because it is airing during Black History Month.”


But, since there was obvious effort put into this bit, and Colbert confessed that they had nothing else to air, “Laser Klan” got its debut.

Of course, after it aired, he may have had a few misgivings.

“I’m not sure if that was the right thing to do,” he told his cheering audience at the end of the segment.

Below is the segment, and the first (and probably only) episode of “Laser Klan.” Judge for yourself.


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