Q&A: Sasha Lane on gay awareness, reading minds and living her best life

After acquiring Ugg’s Bailey Bow boot in high school, Sasha Lane knew she had made it. At least, sartorially speaking. Now with modeling gigs for brands such as Louis Vuitton under her belt, the 22-year-old actress best known for her role in the critically acclaimed film “American Honey” is having a full-circle moment as the face of the California-based brand’s fall 2018 Collective campaign. “It’s a cool little way of how life is crazy,” she says of the collection, which is set to launch today along with the digital campaign.

Lane, who is in the middle of a summer filled with filming, took a moment to speak with WWD post-Fourth of July holiday. Here, she delves into her experience as a full-fledged actress, how she practices self-care, and living her best life.


WWD: How did it feel to work on this campaign with Ugg?

It felt really good. I’m from Texas, so I knew a lot of the girls who would wear the Ugg boot. It’s always been something that’s been a big deal back then and now they’re evolving and it’s great to be a part of it.

WWD: Do you remember your first pair?

My stepmom gave me my first Ugg boots in high school. They had ribbons on the back and it was monogrammed. I was like, “I’ve made it, I’m up here now.” They were the softest shoes in the world and I just remember thinking, “I’m going to walk around my house in these,” because it’s like walking on like a cloud in space somewhere, but the inside of a boot.

WWD: It’s been two years since your debut in “American Honey.” How has that journey been?

It’s something that’s still hard to wrap my brain around. Every day I think, “Whoa, all of this is actually real. It’s actually happening.” I’ve been in Los Angeles for three years now. It’s weird how everything has evolved, but it’s such a blessing that I get to do things that I want to do as well as follow my career. I enjoy what I do.

WWD: How do you pick your roles?

If I connect with it, then it’s something that I want to be a part of. I want to meet with the director first always and see how I connect with them and see what their vision is for the project. I like to see how we kind of move around each other and stuff and then I go for it.

WWD: You have two upcoming films including “Hellboy.” How do you maintain such a crazy schedule?

Self-care is definitely something that you have to focus on. Acting is emotionally and physically draining and it’s a lot on your body and mind. It’s always being on and always having to travel. When I can, I try to be around good people, go to my house for a while when I have a little bit of a break, and paint and just do things that make me feel calm and good. I also just got a dog, me and my brother got a dog. It’s simple things like taking my dog for a walk. He gives me exercise and I feel productive. I started doing little workouts and just going for rides with my brother when he works; sometimes I’ll just hop into the car and cruise. I just want to be moving, but I don’t want to think about anything, you know?

WWD: We’re just off of the heels of Pride. Can you talk about the progress we’ve made in America in regards to your upcoming film “The Miseducation of Cameron Post,” where Chloë Grace Moretz’s character is forced to undergo gay conversion therapy when she came out?

That we made a film like the “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” goes to show that there are people who really do care and are starting to want to bring awareness to what’s going on in the world as well as showing insight and allowing you to have empathy for people who don’t feel the way you feel. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but “Miseducation” is a nice step forward. Gay conversion therapy is something that not a lot of people know about and it’s still happening today. To talk about it in that way, that’s progress right there.

WWD: Of your projects coming up, are there any story lines that really speak to you?

I have a film, I don’t know how much I can say about it, but it’s called “Daniel Isn’t Real” and it’s a whole kind of psychological thing. Being a person that looks at psychology and the brain diving deeper into the mind is something that really intrigues and fascinates me.

WWD: When did you get interested in psychology?

When I was younger. I’ve always been more of an observer, so with that I’m always checking people, looking at their eyes, their facial expressions, their body language. Trying to get into their brain. I’m just a really curious ....

WWD: Beyond your career, what do you want your followers to know about you?

That … I’m trying. I just feel like sometimes, people think I should fret over certain things or be worried about certain things, but I’m trying to live the life that I want that feels good to me and I promise you I’m always processing and checking and thinking things through. I’m always trying to better myself even though it feels like I’m pretty set in my ways. I’m constantly working on how to be a better person, while still being pretty straightforward in the way I receive anyone telling me how to go about my life.

WWD: What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Work and my brother’s birthday is coming up in a couple of days, so I’m going to see my family when I can, because homegirl has bills.