Newsletter: California’s day to give thanks

Thanksgiving turkey
(Juli Leonard/TNS)

Happy Thanksgiving, California. Here’s what’s going on between football and eating:


Quake risk

A sobering new report on California’s seismic vulnerabilities says that up to 3.5 million homes could be damaged if an 8.0 earthquake ruptured on the San Andreas fault — one that would be felt from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Los Angeles Times


Stepping up 

Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez has long argued that the U.S. immigration system is broken. Now, overnight, the terms of the debate have shifted, he says. And the spotlight is likely to shine on him as the country debates illegal immigration in the Trump era. Los Angeles Times

Police battle

Los Angeles city leaders took the first step Wednesday toward a potential overhaul of the Police Department’s disciplinary process, a move long sought by the police officers union, which claims the current system is too hard on officers. But some believe the change would gut hard-won reforms in the way the LAPD deals with problem officers. Los Angles Times



“Even some usually happy cooks seem to be limping toward this holiday, wondering if anyone will notice if we substitute bottled chestnuts for fresh in the stuffing or canned squash for pumpkin in the pie. Thanksgiving is the happiest day of the year for passionate home cooks. This year, we are seeing a little less joy.”

-- Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold on why Turkey Day comfort food is all the more important this year

Chinese Thanksgiving: How do Chinese immigrants embrace the holiday spirit? Eateries that usually hang Peking duck from the window have roasted turkeys there instead. “That switch makes it familiar to your immigrant diners,” says Chinese food expert David Chan. San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Family feuds: Getting through the first Thanksgiving of the Trump era without family fighting. Forbes

Turkey trot: On Thanksgiving, please take a moment to think about the poor turkey. Los Angeles Times

Native Americans: And take much more than a moment to think about Native Americans, whose population in California had dropped from 350,000 to under 17,000 by 1900. Scientific American

Menu option: Here’s the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe in California. Business Insider



Skid row kids: Twice a week, the children of the Union Rescue Mission walk home from their after-school program, passing things most children should never see. Here is their story. Los Angeles Times

Real danger: A single mosquito bite launched a viral war inside a kindergarten teacher’s body — and serves to remind that the West Nile virus still stalks Southern California. Los Angeles Times

Christmas best: Check out this video showing the transformation of Disneyland’s It’s a Small World into a holiday wonderland. Orange County Register


Family battle: The body of beloved San Francisco political broker Rose Pak is now in limbo as her family battles over her estate. San Francisco Magazine

Strike threat: California’s biggest state employees union could strike next month. Sacramento Bee

Day of reflection: When it comes to politics, California’s Democrats and Republicans can be thankful this holiday: “Democrats rule the roost in Sacramento. And Republicans can’t fall much lower,” writes George Skelton. Los Angeles Times



Shaken community: Compton is reeling after the bodies of three men were found in a park with gunshot wounds. Police are trying to sort out of the mystery, and residents worry about a spike in crime. Los Angeles Times

Anti-Trump vandalism: Police say they have captured the blue-haired woman who scrawled anti-Donald Trump graffiti on four Los Angeles County buildings. Los Angeles Times

Prop. 66: California voters have chosen to approve a ballot proposition that seeks to speed up the death penalty process, a late count of ballots has shown. Los Angeles Times


East of Eden: The Salinas Valley is the salad bowl to the world. But it’s also struggling with violence and poverty. New York Times

Sign of slowdown? More signs abound that the Bay Area’s once red-hot real estate market is cooling. Why? “Prices can continue to skate higher for a while, but at some point you run out of people willing to pay, and prices correct,” one expert said. Mercury News

Photo bomb: The best places to capture that perfect Instagram picture of downtown L.A.’s skyline. Los Angeles Magazine

Robot mall: Japanese robots are coming to your local mall, just in time for holiday shopping season. SFist


Southern California will see temperatures in the mid-70s on Thanksgiving. But there is a chance of scattered showers this weekend. It will be cooler in the Bay Area — getting up to the 60s —  with a chance of rain Saturday. Highs will reach only the 50s in Sacramento today.


Today’s California memory comes from Sharon Vivers:

“My cousins and I went on a San Francisco day trip when we were about 16 years old and toured a submarine docked there. We invited the young men to our Thanksgiving dinner, although we had a language barrier as they were from Italy. To our surprise, two showed up at my Aunt Millie’s home on Park Street and we had a wonderful time, laughing and communicating as best we could. What wonderful days then, to bus to San Francisco, spend the day and fall in love with the beautiful city. I love that city and did indeed leave my heart there.”

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