Thanksgiving is going to be a real scorcher, forecasters say

A pedestrian uses an umbrella on a hot October morning in Los Angeles. Weather forecasters say the Thanksgiving holiday will be “unusually hot” this year.
(Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

Angelenos can expect a hot Thanksgiving this year, with record-breaking temperatures forecast across the region.

The mercury is expected to steadily rise throughout the week, with Wednesday and Thursday forecasted to be the hottest days.

Forecasters predict a high of 89 degrees in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, which would tie a record set in 1950, and 87 degrees on Thursday, said Kathy Hoxsie, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. At Los Angeles International Airport, temperatures will reach 86 and 84 on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.


Burbank is forecasted to peak at 92 on Wednesday and 91 on Thursday, breaking records set in 1950. Pomona could reach 93 on Wednesday, shattering a record of 87 set in 1954, and 90 on Thursday, breaking a record of 88 set in 1933.

“These are some pretty old records,” Hoxsie said. “So this definitely would be unusually hot for Thanksgiving.”

On the plus side, Hoxsie said, holiday travelers shouldn’t run into any weather-related delays in Los Angeles. But those coming into town should take note.

“They are going to need to have their shorts handy and maybe do a pool party,” she said. “They can Facebook those pictures to all those friends that live on the East Coast.”

The hot and dry conditions, which stem from a high-pressure ridge building over the area, mean firefighters will be on high alert for wildfires. But forecasters aren’t expecting strong winds that normally trigger red flag warnings.


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