Great Dane dined on 43 socks; all were removed in successful surgery


A 140-pound Great Dane in Portland, Ore., is making headlines after a veterinarian found 43 1/2 socks in the dog’s stomach during surgery.

The incident happened in February but only recently became public after the animal hospital where the socks were removed submitted the dog’s X-ray for a tongue-in-cheek industry award, said Shawna Harch, spokeswoman for DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

DoveLewis is where the 3-year-old dog went for the operation when the owners noticed the animal was growing increasingly ill but did not know why, Harch said.

The surgery took nearly three hours, but the dog has fully recovered, Harch said.

The owners have asked not to be identified, which means the dog’s name is not being released either, Harch said.


Despite some amusing pictures, DoveLewis took third in the industry competition, behind a frog that ate more than 30 rocks and a dog that ate a shish kabob skewer, Harch said.

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