Why does L.A. put fake snow on its Christmas trees?


Los Angeles is proud of its sunshine and 75-degree winter days. We like to flaunt our balmy weather when New York and Chicago are buried under snowdrifts and Boston and Minneapolis are worried about black ice.

So, why does L.A. put fake snow on its public Christmas trees?

Downtown, in the heart of L.A.’s Civic Center, are not one but two — two! — flocked Christmas trees. One is across from City Hall in Grand Park and the other is at the Music Center.

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It hasn’t snowed in downtown Los Angeles since 1949, according to the National Weather Service. And the last time it rained, last month, freeway crashes jumped 81%.

Who are we kidding? We don’t like cold, wet weather. We’re not used to it. Why fetishize snow with our Christmas trees?

Los Angeles should be proud of its temperate climate. We should embrace lovely green Christmas trees.

Or better yet, how about a Christmas palm?


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