Opinion: Will Republicans stop Trump before he and Kim Jong Un start a nuclear war?


Dear Republicans: It’s time for you to expel President Trump from the White House.

Your party loyalty, if unchecked, could mean the United States finds itself in another war. But this time, we could suffer irreparable harm in the form of a nuclear attack on our soil. (“Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea’s leader personally before his fiery U.N. address,” Sept. 22)

What will you say to your spouses, children and friends when they ask you why you did not attempt to stop Trump? How will you live with yourselves, knowing that you never gave adequate consideration to the well-being of the country and just thought about getting reelected?

Republicans, now is the time to stand your ground against Trump. Protect our country by starting the process to remove Trump from office (and really, “protect” is the right word this time).


Scott Flournoy, Oxnard


To the editor: Has anyone ever considered that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and our president have many traits in common? They both ratchet up the dangers of confrontation, and they both call each other names.

Trump says that if the United States is forced to “defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” Does no one consider how many people will be annihilated on both sides? I shudder to think of the body count that would occur if war breaks out.

We had an arrangement during the 1990s when North Korea was in serious trouble because of a drought and famine. What happened? We know now that Kim and Trump regularly trade barbs — but what led to this impasse?

Eileen Haussmann, Torrance


To the editor: I had to go back to the sentence in the story about someone who “has a massive ego and reacts harshly and sometimes lethally to insults and perceived slights” to verify the identity of the individual to whom it referred.


Oh, they’re talking about Kim, not Trump.

Is there much of a difference between Trump and Kim besides their countries of residence? They behave like schoolyard bullies exchanging threats, except their threatened actions endanger the entire world as we know it.

Can the advisors to these two “world leaders” control them? We can only hope so.

Patricia A. Bruno, Santa Monica

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