Letters to the Editor: Wear a mask for 100 days? Cancer patients already do that

President-elect Joe Biden holds up a mask as he speaks about the COVID-19 pandemic.
President-elect Joe Biden holds up a mask as he speaks about the COVID-19 pandemic in Wilmington, Del., on Dec. 4.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: On Inauguration Day, President-elect Joe Biden will ask all Americans to wear masks for 100 days.

Eleven years ago, as a recovering bone-marrow transplant patient, I wore a face mask when outside my home to protect my body and immune system. It worked. At the end of 100 days, I had a low-key party.

Along with millions of others, I am wearing my mask again to protect others. This time, I’m going to again relish and appreciate the conclusion of a 100-day period.


This time I will offer my respect and admiration to those who proactively protected my family, friends and all of those around us.

Martin Prager, Northridge


To the editor: Public service announcements were used during World War II as a way to educate the public. The topics usually had to do with health and safety.

Now that instantaneous worldwide communication is available at our fingertips, why doesn’t the federal government start a mask-wearing slogan campaign and let every man, woman and child submit ideas?

Create a “Biden task-mask force” slogan campaign, and make it the public service announcement for the ages. This is not a new form of getting life-saving messages out, but it could be very effective and save many lives.

We have ads and slogans for soft drinks, food and everything else you can think of; why not find another catchy one for something as critical as wearing a mask for 100 days?


Frances Terrell Lippman, Sherman Oaks


To the editor: Maybe I missed something, but how is the current relief bill a compromise?

The Democrats, based on economists’ advice, initially wanted a $3-trillion bill. The Republicans eventually countered with $1 trillion. The Democrats dropped to $2.2 trillion. The Republicans, instead of increasing their offer, came up with their “skinny” bill of about $500 billion.

Now, a $900-billion package is being described as a “compromise.” The only ones who budged were the Democrats. They always end up caving because they actually care about the people.

Next to Trump getting reelected, the worse thing possible is for Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to continue as majority leader. Come on, Georgia, save us from this man.

Michael Schaller, Temple City