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Through smartphone push alerts, blog posts and regular briefings streamed live on YouTube, South Korean authorities are publicizing the whereabouts and movements of the more than 1,000 confirmed COVID-19 patients
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The Interior Department on Friday awarded Westlands Water District, a former client of Secretary David Bernhardt, a permanent entitlement to roughly twice as much water as the city of Los Angeles uses in a year.
Federal agencies reject removing the Snake River dams to try and save endangered salmon, saying it would destabilize the power grid and raise emissions.
A six-acre fire was slowly burning Friday south of San Francisco in what should be the middle of the rainy season, officials said.
Use organic potting soil whenever possible, but for a really thriving, successful garden, start by building your soil.
Yes, it’s possible to have plants without breaking the bank. Here’s how to spend less on your garden.
An annual is a plant that lives and dies in one growing season. A perennial regrows year after year. You should have both in your garden, and here’s why.
Different plants have different watering needs: California native plants, for example, need significantly less water than, say, roses and vegetables.
How to know if the tree in your yard is sick or dying, and how to deal with it.
The best pest control is keeping your plants well-fed and hydrated. Here’s how to treat and prevent pest outbreaks.
Two Germans who appeared healthy when they left Wuhan, China, were infected with the new coronavirus and might have been able to spread it to others.
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