Football: Todd Therrien says he will coach again

 Todd Therrien, the football coach at Ventura St. Bonaventure since 2007, said he returned to school on Thursday to clean out his office after being told on Wednesday his contract would not be renewed as a teacher or coach.

"I'll be coaching again. I don't know when or where," he said.

Therrien, who helped build the Seraphs into a state football power, declined to discuss specifics about his departure, saying there are legal issues.

In a brief phone conversation, he seemed upbeat and prepared to look for a new chapter in a coaching career that earned him much praise and respect.

St. Bonaventure Principal Marc Groff told parents on Wednesday that "the administration decided it was time to part ways." He added, "Some of you know coach has been struggling with some issues on and off the field."

The big question is how does St. Bonaventure move forward?

Therrien was known for his fiery demeanor and relentless work ethic. He'd spend hours late at night preparing for games and reviewing film.

Athletic director John Muller has been named interim coach for this season. Most of Therrien's staff is supposed to stay. The father of standout quarterback Ricky Town, a junior, said his son is staying.

"I thnk it's important for kids to learn how to handle adversity instead of running away from it," Rick Town said.

St. Bonaventure's powerful football program was a primary reason the school was pushed out of the Northern Area and sent to the parochial area for releaguing in 2014. The school is suing the Southern Section with a federal lawsuit.

Without Therrin, the football program is facing an uncertain future.

Muller said he met with the staff on Wednesday night and told them, "If you're in, you're in because you're a St. Bonaventure guy."


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