Dwyane Wade makes a shocking announcement, sort of

Dwyane Wade delivered some shocking news, literally, when he divulged that he had used shock-wave therapy this off-season to deal with tendinitis in his knees.

Wade, who spoke to reporters  Thursday at a fantasy basketball camp he runs for adults, said he believes the treatment, which is similar to one he underwent in 2007, will provide much-needed relief.

“Feeling a lot better,” Wade said. “I'm not at 'great' yet. I'm feeling a lot, lot better.

"Right now I have to work on the strengthening part of it. So I still have time before the season."

Wade said he underwent the procedure in mid-July and is beginning to resume normal activity.

“I had to take a month off after I did my treatment and this weekend will be a month to the day,” Wade said. “It's the kind of treatment for tendinitis, certain areas in your knee.”

Wade hinted that he'd be as good as new, or at least as good as a 31-year-old NBA veteran can expect to be. "I think I'll be as good as I've been," he said.

"Time off is obviously key," Wade added. "Right now, I get started back working out."


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