Danica Patrick goes to NHL game, says she wants to see a fight

Race car driver Danica Patrick went to the Minnesota Wild-Chicago Blackhawks playoff game in Chicago on Wednesday. Being a big star and all, the Blackhawks invited her to play their “Shoot the Puck” game during the intermission between the second and third periods.

While waiting her turn, Patrick was interviewed by a local TV reporter. During the interview, Patrick says, “Am I a total geek fan if I say I just want to see a fight?”

Well yes Danica, you are. Maybe the Blackhawks also could have invited fellow driver David Gilliland to play too. Then you really could have seen a fight.


Maybe a Blackhawk can go to an Indy Carrace and say, “Am I a total geek fan if I say I just want to see a wreck?”

By the way, Patrick scored on her first attempt.


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