Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wears NFL tie while admitting to smoking crack

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford did the right thing Tuesday by admitting that he had smoked crack cocaine.

But he wore the wrong tie.

In delivering a speech that could well determine the rest of his political career, Ford wore a suit, naturally, but with a loud and goofy NFL tie featuring a lively mix of various team logos.

Kind of hard to take someone seriously while staring straight at the old school Tampa Bay buccaneer with a knife between his teeth.

In Ford's defense, he does have a lot on his plate, long having denied allegations of drug use until Toronto police recently said they have video of the mayor smoking from a crack pipe. Ford said he was in a "drunken stupor" at the time (of the video, not choosing the tie), but added that he does not have a drug problem and will not step down from his post.

So it's understandable if he's a bit distracted while getting dressed in the morning.

But the NFL has a lot of issues to deal with as well -- bullying, a nickname controversy (by the way, the offensive-to-some Redskins logo appears twice on the tie), concussions, the mere existence of the Jacksonville Jaguars, etc.

Commissioner Roger Goodell might not appreciate having his league associated with Ford's situation on top of everything else.


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