Hear late broadcaster Harry Caray call the final out of the Cubs’ World Series Game 7 win


Harry Caray never got to see his beloved Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

And fans didn’t get to hear the legendary Cubs broadcaster call the biggest game in their team’s history, an 8-7 victory in 10 innings over the Cleveland Indians in Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday night.

But if the Cubs can be world champions — and they finally are — then anything is possible.

Through the magic of modern technology, Anheuser-Busch has put together a commercial that really makes it look and sound like Caray, who died in 1998, is broadcasting the final out of that epic game.

As the screen shows tense fans watching on TV, Caray’s voice can be heard seemingly describing the action on the field:


“The pitch … the bouncing ball … there’s a throw … he is out! Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs are the champions! The Cubs are the champions!”

According to Ricardo Marques, a vice president at Budweiser, the idea for the commercial came up only about 10 days before the game. Audio from Caray’s 16 years as the Cubs broadcaster was spliced together, with the blessing of Caray’s estate and Chicago’s WGN network.

The fan footage was shot Wednesday night near Wrigley Field. The final version of the commercial was approved at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday and went online less than two hours later.

The payoff for all that work is the sight of long-suffering Cubs fans rejoicing after the team’s first championship since 1908, with Caray’s voice in the background:

“Holy Cow! You talk about a mass of happy humanity! How about them Cubbies? Now our lives are complete — the Cubs are No. 1.”


The spot ends with a shot of Caray’s statue outside Wrigley and the caption, “Harry, they did it.”

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