FSU QB Jameis Winston takes part in bench-clearing baseball brawl

Jameis Winston is now officially a baseball player.

Sure, the Florida State quarterback has played football and baseball for much of his life and has spoken of wanting to play both sports professionally.

But most of the nation got to know him as the guy who led the Seminoles to the BCS title this past season.

So even though he was good enough at baseball to have been drafted by the Texas Rangers out of high school and is now in his second season as a pitcher/outfielder with Florida State, the phrase “Jameis Winston, baseball player” still sounded kind of funny.

Until now. The Florida Tribune-Union got a clear photo of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner being held back by a sheriff’s officer during a bench-clearing brawl Tuesday night when the Seminoles played rival Florida.

Once again, Winston has been playing baseball for a long time, so he very well could have taken part in what is basically a tradition of the sport before. But this is the first time it has happened (that we know of) since he has become a household name.

It’s unclear what Winston’s role was, although we probably would have heard about it if it was anything major. Plus, video shows that the scuffle was pretty mild as far as baseball brawls go.

Doesn’t matter. Even though Winston had a 3.00 ERA in 27 innings last season and hit .235 in 119 at-bats last season, it is only now that we can truly see him as a baseball player.

Maybe he really can go pro in both sports.