Jameis Winston’s pro day has some highlights and lowlights [Video]

Jameis Winston, George Whitfield
Jameis Winston, right, gestures as he walks beside trainer George Whitfield during Florida State’s pro day Tuesday in Tallahassee, Fla.
(Mark Wallheiser / Associated Press)

Jameis Winston wanted to show a little bit of everything he can do during Florida State's pro day.

So that's just what the former Heisman Trophy winner did Tuesday, throwing an unusually high 112 scripted passes after originally planning to toss just 65.

Winston explained the thought process afterward on NFL Network. "I'm a competitor, let's give 'em everything," he said. "So we gave 'em everything."

Unfortunately for Winston and receiver Christian Green (especially Green), "everything" included this wild pass that sent Green crashing into a cameraman and his equipment:

But there were also some classic Winston plays as well.

Winston said that overall the day "went great."

"The perception is I can't move," he said. "It's about moving in the pocket, being able to extend plays. I wanted to show that, and I think I did."

Of course, some of the questions NFL teams might have about Winston have nothing to do with his on-field performance. Winston told the NFL Network crew that his personality hasn't changed but he feels he has grown since a series of incidents throughout his college career raised questions about his character.

"I already have charisma. I'm already the guy everybody wants to be around," he said. "No need to add sugar on sugar. I don't have to be in the spotlight."

Winston also revealed the reason he's seriously considering not attending the NFL draft is because his grandmother with Type 2 diabetes wouldn't be able to be there.

I want people I've been with from Day 1 to be with me," he said.

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