Redskins Coach Jay Gruden upset about upbeat atmosphere after loss

Jay Gruden
Washington Redskins Coach Jay Gruden wasn’t happy about reports of his players laughing and joking after a loss Monday night.
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Washington Redskins Coach Jay Gruden doesn’t want his players to be happy -- at least not after a loss.

Gruden said Tuesday he is upset about reports that some players -- including offensive captain Trent Williams and receiver Pierre Garcon  -- were joking and laughing in the locker room after the team’s 27-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on “Monday Night Football.”

“I’m hoping that nobody was jovial after a loss,” said Gruden, who was giving a news conference and not in the locker room at the time of the reported shenanigans.

“Hopefully it was taken out of context or what have you, but I have no idea what it was like. If it was upbeat, it shouldn’t be, and that is disappointing that it was because they played their hearts out. They played hard, I thought. We lost the game. No reason to be upbeat, though, whatsoever.”


Gruden said he actually thought his players were “exhausted” and “dejected” after the tough loss, so he had made an attempt to “bring ‘em up a little bit.”

But not too much.

“When you do lose, you want people to be sick about it,” Gruden said. “And you want people to try to bounce back from it and move on to the next week and learn from their mistakes and make sure it doesn’t happen again and not ever, ever be satisfied after a loss.”

He added: “For me, I haven’t smiled since two days ago, I think.”


The thing is, the Redskins are 1-4 and were 3-13 last year. That really doesn’t lend itself to a lot of smiling and not feeling sick during football season. So hopefully, in Gruden’s eyes, there’s a happy medium in there.

Oh, did I say happy medium? Sorry, Coach, I know that’s not your favorite word right now.

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